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  • Velocity Tactics 9mm Luger Ammo Available Now
  • Velocity Tactics .380 Ammo Redefined for amazing accuracy
  • Velocity Tactics 300 Blackout Ammo with Lethal Double-Tumble
  • Velocity Tactics .223SCS with Precision Accuracy

Velocity Tactics® Ammunition

Velocity Tactics® is the United States largest distributor of lead-free rifle and handgun ammunition by Fort Scott Munitions.  Our match grade ammunition is engineered and developed by precision target shooters; hunters, and ballistic experts to exceed your expectations and provide repeatable results.  Whether you find yourself taking aim high on a mountain top or startled awake in your own home, at the critical moment, the last thing you should be thinking about is the performance and reliability or your rifle or handgun ammunition.

  • 223 SCS Ammo

    .223SCS Ammo Video by Velocity Tactics - It's time to look again at the .223!  Deep penetration and devastating wound channel!View Product

  • 9mm Ammo

    9mm Ammo Video by Velocity Tactics® - Rethink everything you know about 9MM handgun ammo!  Hard hitting and accurate!View Product


    .223 SCS Ammo in Action Video by Velocity Tactics.  In ballistic gel or in operations, .223 SCS hits like a sledgehammer!